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Conditions of Use Conditions of Use


Frozen chicken, turkey, roll butter, most cheeses, produce and a few other items are "random weight."  This means that they are not weighed until your order is prepared, making the subtotal on this webpage different than your final total. Weights could vary 1 -2 pounds.

Item prices are subject to change: if a products price goes up after you place your order, but before your order is prepared, your final total may change.
When placing your order online you are responsible for making sure that you select the correct delivery date.  If the wrong date is selected it may result in your order delivery being delayed until the next month or cancelled.  Delivery dates and deadlines can be seen here.
Add on orders may not be done online, if you need to add on to an order after you have placed it online, contact the office.
If you do place another order online it will result in another $5.00 fee
Do not share your username or password with anyone.  If you order in a group, the person whose name is on the account needs to place the order and is responsible for any orders placed.


Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. New customers pay by credit card or by sending a check of the estimate of the order total. Payment is due “upon receipt” of your order, which means – a check needs to be mailed immediately or paid by credit card. Please pay from the total on your invoice you receive on delivery day.


Every order needs to be $50.00 before the $5.00 processing fee and taxes. This is not the delivery minimum.


If you do not have a hostess home one will be assigned to you; you will receive the full contact information after you have placed your first order.
Your delivery will be taken to your default hostess home.  If your group does not meet the minimum you will be contacted to determine if you want your order to go to another hostess home or if it will be put on hold. If we get no answer or no response when we contact you, your order will automatically be put on hold until the next delivery.

Quail Cove Farms is not responsible for items after they have been dropped off at your hostess home.  You are responsible with making provisions with your drop off location for the handling of your items after they have been delivered.

Orders are delivered to designated hostess homes. Please check with your hostess home if you order cold or frozen items. Once your order is delivered it is your responsibility to make sure your items are properly taken care of. Hostess homes are volunteers, please be considerate of their busy schedules. Call the office for your area delivery minimum. Schedules may change due to holidays. Delivery is not a set time because the route depends on how many stops there are. Our driver is allowed to decline delivery to a location that is not practical for truck delivery. (There is a $15 set up fee for first time deliveries)

Quail Cove Farms Inc. is not responsible for animal damage once your products have been delivered. EX: If you have squirrels – please leave containers for orders, or provide a place inaccessible to animals.

QUAIL COVE FARMS is not responsible for your frozen or cooler food items after they have been delivered. It is YOUR responsibility to contact your hostess home and take a cooler for your food items. It is not the hostess home’s responsibility to provide space for your items. Freezer space is a premium in most homes!

  1. If the Customer is at home, we will put the food items where we are instructed – whether that be in coolers or an extra refrigerator.

  2. If the Customer will not be home, instructions need to be visibly left for the driver as to where to put the orders. (In addition: Instructions may be called in to the office) If you leave a cooler for your food items at a hostess home, please label your cooler clearly for our driver. And make sure it has ice or a cool pack in it.

  3. If the Customer is not home and there are no instructions or coolers or not enough coolers, we will leave one of our cooler boxes and will bill you $15.00 for each box left. If you return the cooler box in the same condition on the next delivery day, your account will be credited.


The most accurate information is always on the label on the actual product. Manufacturers periodically update their labels based on new nutritional analysis or ingredient changes. Our web-site does not necessarily get updated at the same time. The values on the website are intended to be a general guide to consumers. For absolute values, the actual label on the product at hand should be relied on.


Due to the nature of our natural and organic grains, proper storage is of utmost importance. 

All grains should be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry environment, free of pests.  Refrigerator or freezer storage is suggested for the warm summer months.

Quail Cove Farms keeps bulk grains in a temperature controlled environment to prevent infestations, therefore, can only guarantee the grain free of pests for 5 days after delivery.


The handling of the dry goods that we package may not be done in an allergen free facility, but every effort is made to prevent cross contamination from one product to another. All of our packaging is performed by hand and never on mechanized filler lines where bagging machines can have residue left in the system. The packaging area is cleaned in between each product and all utensils are changed.
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